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Detox & Immune Boost

10 health benefits of matcha tea, our new favorite liver-loving drink.

My Anesthesia Hangover

Just days after a liver transplant, Karen Hoyt blogs about her recovery.

The Healing Journey Begins

Matt Starr: Today I begin a six-month course of the newest hep C treatment.

On Forgiveness

Grace Campbell blogs about the stigma associated with hep C, and how to overcome it.

On Organ Donation

April is National Donate Life Month. Learn more about liver donation to help save lives.

Google ‘Hepatitis C’

Why does the search engine’s new system say hep C is mainly transmitted via sex?

The Decision to Try Treatment

Despite the length of therapy, side effects and the cost: it’s worth it, says John Rickman.

Hope With
Hep C

Inspiring words from Hep’s Christian blogger, Connie M. Welch.

EASL 2015 Updates

Research news and continuing coverage from the 50th International Liver Congress.

New Hep C Treatment Guidelines

Updates from the European Association for the Study of the Liver.

A Cure,
From Where?

This cheap over-the-counter allergy drug can combat hepatitis C in mice.

$36 Per Person

As pharmaceutical patents fizzle out, the cost to treat global hep B could be lower than ever.

‘Breakthrough’ Status

Merck’s new hepatitis C combo treatment has made the FDA’s research fast-track.

Weighing the Benefits

Are there any good reasons left to delay hepatitis C treatment?

Children With Hepatitis C

With up to 46,000 infected, info about HCV in the pediatric population is still disturbingly minimal.

Sleep, Insomnia and Hep C

Why a good night’s rest is critical to living healthy, especially with liver disease.

Your Online Hepatitis Community

Check out what everyone's talking about in the Hep Forums.

HCV Shares
the Spotlight

Emerging liver diseases are expected to eclipse hepatitis C at EASL 2015.

International Update

Of all the industrialized countries of the world, Japan has the highest rate of hepatitis C.

Spit Test

New saliva test can predict which liver disease patients will experience dangerous ‘flare-ups.’

Pinching Pennies

Hepatitis C treatment costs are threatening to cripple prison budgets.

Public Health Sabotage

Amid HIV/HCV crisis, Indiana police accused of resisting harm reduction efforts.

Hot Spot

West Virginia currently has the highest rates of both hepatitis C and hep B in the country.

Gut-Liver Cross-Talk

Obesity-related liver disease is dangerously linked to a leaky gut.

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Community support
“I wanted to start a thread about Eating to Heal your Liver! I recently started some new habits: Juicing lemons in my glass of water in the morning, using real stevia, avocado pit, and I am experiencing better health. So far I have lost 10 lbs while taking Harvoni. Chime in with helpful tips!”
BubbaT’s “Taking care of your liver”

“What's the informed opinion about Weed and Hep C? I've heard conflicting accounts: My doc says that it adds to scarring, especially daily use, but others say it helps with a variety of symptoms and side effects. Obviously nobody knows how it interacts with these new miracle pills. What's your take?”
Tiger’s “Hep C and Marijuana”

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Hugo Rosen, MD, talks with AASLD about current and emerging regimens for hepatitis C treatment.
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