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25 Ways to Help Beat
Liver Cancer

Karen Hoyt shares insight and tips about HCC after her recent HCC diagnosis.

Good News
For a Change!

The dark ages of liver biopsies may be ending, or at least tapering down, says Lucinda K. Porter.

You Are
Not Alone

Deep in the heart of every Hep C Warrior is a flame of courage, says Connie M. Welch.

Let’s Talk
About It

In his latest blog, Joe Burke talks about a touchy topic relating to hepatitis C: sexual risk factors.

Limits To
Your Health

Kim Bossley says we must learn to accept help when it’s available, despite dealing with the silent stigma of liver disease.

Real People, Real Stories

Want to know what it's really like living with hepatitis? Interested in sharing your own experiences?

A Cure in
Four Weeks?

The treatment length for hepatitis C continues to decline as new, next-generation drugs come out.

R.I.P. Incivek

Vertex’s once-blockbuster hep C drug is getting pulled off the market thanks to newer, better cures.

Hepatitis C Under 30

Prescription drug abuse is leading more young Americans on a path to heroin and eventually, to deadly liver disease.

Advocate Your Way To a Cure

An industry insider says patients co-infected with hepatitis C and HIV will most likely be one of the first groups to be treated.

New Rules Prioritize Care

The AASLD’s new clinical guidelines say docs should dole out hep C treatment to only the sickest patients.

Hepatitis Prevention: Is $1 Enough?

We need way more funding for hepatitis prevention and access treatment programs to help end the epidemic.

Current Issue

In the current issue, hep C advocate Elizabeth Owens talks about grassroots activism, education and building up the courage to tackle the disease.

Hep Hot Spot

Did you know that nearly half of all hepatitis B cases in the world are located in the Western Pacific?

Skip The Scooby Snacks

Doctors warn synthetic marijuana is causing a growing number of hospitalizations and deaths in the U.S.

HCV Hits
The Road

A new hep C testing and awareness campaign for U.S. truckers is rolling out this fall.

Hep E Lurks
in Europe

One in 3,000 blood donors in the U.K. are currently infected with this little-known liver disease. Should we start screening?

Your Online Hepatitis Community

Check out what everyone's talking about in the Hep Forums.

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The community shares
“I opted to wait until the fall or beginning of the year for the sovaldi/ledipasvir combo pill. I have no tangible assets, as the past medical go-rounds wiped me out...no house, no car, nothing. I make a tad too much on SSDI to qualify for Medicaid or other assistance. My question is: Do I sign up for a Part D plan? Or, do I count on the various prescription assistance programs when he writes the scrip for the new wonder drug?”
diamondd’s “Get Part D in Oct. or stick with no insurance for prescriptions?”

“I just recently found out I have hep C. I told my fiancé that I had it and he is incredibly supportive with everything. I know that it is transmitted through blood and not sex, but as a female, if I am having a female "cycle" and it Is the last day, could he contract the hep c virus just from having intercourse?”
BellaPenna’s “Transmitting to partner? Is is possible?”

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Footage from the front lines
This video by Dr. Joseph Galati outlines the basic facts about hepatitis C, and a call to action to get tested and evaluated for treatment. Learn more about Dr. Galati at www.texasliver.com.
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