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Give Thanks

Why we owe gratitude to the hepatitis C patients who came before us.

Testing Times

Why is sexual transmission of hep C still being questioned by doctors?

Liver Meeting Highlights

In case you missed it, an overview of the latest in hep C research.

Treatment Travel Stories

Here’s why people are flying to Australia and Bangladesh to get hep C meds.

Baywatch and Birthday Suits

Would you pull a ‘Pamela Anderson’ to celebrate your hep C cure?

Post Harvoni Treatment

Matt Starr: My energy surged five weeks ago, but I still don’t know if I’m cured.

Adversity, Here’s the Door

Hep C treatment battle strategies from Hep blogger, Connie Welch.

‘Unreasonable Restrictions’

U.S. Medicaid officials issue new guidelines to expand hep C treatment access.

Need For Urgent Treatment

Each fibrosis stage increase may double your risk of liver disease down the line.

RAV Relapses

What you need to know about HCV resistance associated variants.

Sexual Risks

No drop in hepatitis C rates among European gay men with HIV.

ASTRAL-4 Update

More good hep C cure rates for new Sovaldi/Velpatasvir combo.

Genotype 4 Results

Sovaldi+Ravidasvir cures high rates of this hep C subtype.

Harvoni + Vedoprevir Combo

New 8-week regimen cures 96% in hard-to-treat hep C group.

Fighting Fatigue

Learn more about one of the top side effects of hep C and its treatments.

Crisis Averted

Here’s how hepatitis C treatment helps prevent liver transplants.

Your Online Hepatitis Community

Check out what everyone's talking about in the Hep Forums.

Hepatitis C Progression

FYI: An HCV infection doesn’t necessarily mean that liver disease will occur.

Liver Meeting 2015

Read all the latest news from AASLD’s annual conference.

Open Enrollment

Need some help finding hep C-friendly health insurance?

Class Action Case

Lawsuit alleges Blue Cross is intentionally denying hep C treatment.

Newly Diagnosed?

How to best get help if you’re an injection drug user looking for treatment.

A Common Coinfection

Nearly 25% of the 1.2 million Americans living with HIV have hep C, too.

I am CURED!!!

Pamela Anderson gets naked to celebrate a successful hep C treatment.

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Community support
“I got diagnosed about 10 years ago and did nothing. Recently, I decided to go see a gastroenterologist, but I’m not really sure what to expect. I see people talking about viral load, AST, bili and all kinds of numbers. I would like for some of you to explain what these abbreviations stand for, and maybe give me some ideas on questions I should ask the doctor.”
Jersey’s “Just starting out”

“I have had PTSD as long as I have had Hep-C. If it comes down to it, I'd rather do without my PTSD meds for three months than my full dose of ribavirin, even though depression can be a monster in itself. If any of you quite knowledgeable folks can clue me in, I would greatly appreciate your putting my mind at ease.”
David’s “Anxious about starting treatment”

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OASIS, a documentary about a community-based clinic and NVHR member organization treating current and former drug users for hepatitis C.
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